We promote Cancer screening for our patients by advising, referring and liaising with cancer screening programs

  • Breast cancer screening
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Bowel cancer screening

We promote health checks for early detection of the diseases. We address behavioral risk factors. Our GPs can help you to tackle the most important behavioral risk factors that affect your health. We at Dale Medical Centre focuses on the harm associated with Smoking, Poor nutrition,Excess alcohol consumption and a Sedentary lifestyle.


Are you a smoker?

Do you know that talking to your GP even for few minutes about quitting smoking can lead to change of your behaviors?

Your GP can help you to quit smoking by many methods.

Avoid Alcohol

Do you or your family, friends thinks that you have an alcohol problem?

Then talk to your GP - Your GP can help you many ways to overcome the your burning issues

By advising the safe alcohol levels, referring you community based / in-house rehabilitation programs and prescribing appropriate medications.