GP Mental Health Consultations

GP’s at Dale Medical Centre have obtained special training on Mental Health, to be able to help their patients with depression, anxiety and related disorders.

Speak with your GP about a Mental Health Treatment Plan or about referrals during your next visit.

You may book online or call 08 6118 4570 for appointments.


Focussed Psychological Strategies – Provided by Ms. Uvana Sewpersadh, Occupational Therapist

A range of evidence-based strategies has been approved for use by allied mental health professionals utilising the FPS Medicare items. As outlined in the MBS book, these are:

  • Psycho-education (including motivational interviewing)
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy including:
    • Behavioural interventions
    • Behaviour modification
    • Exposure techniques
    • Activity scheduling
    • Cognitive interventions
    • Cognitive therapy
  • Relaxation strategies
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Controlled breathing
  • Skills training
    • Problem solving skills and training
    • Anger management
    • Social skills training
    • Communication training
    • Stress management
    • Parent management training
  • Interpersonal therapy (especially for depression)


Counselling Psychologist –  Registered Psychologist offers;

    • Counselling for all ages
    • Particular interest in teenagers, 20-30 years of age and relationship counselling 

                  Assisting clients to:

    • Manage stress
    • Deal with grief and loss
    • Overcome feelings of depression and anxiety
    • Increase self-esteem and confidence
    • Enhance personal relationships
    • Deal with sexual concerns
    • Manage anger and conflict
    • Build satisfying relationships
    • Improve communication skills
    • Improve parenting skills

For appointments with Uvana please contact reception on 08 6118 4570.